The Future Starts Here

If you see the natural artist and scientist in each child…
If you see parents as a child’s first and best teacher…
If you see teachers as champions for children and families…
If you see your environment as a third teacher that inspires learning…
If you see your community and neighbors as active partners…
We’ve created a preschool curriculum just for you!

Built With Your
Organization In Mind

Improve Teacher Retention

Teachers thrive in a network. With Phase Foundations, teachers can share ideas, comments, resources, and encouragement every week.

Increase Parent Satisfaction

Every parent wants to give their child a better future. With Phase Foundations, parents have access to resources that allow them to fully partner with teachers so everyone can win.

Better a Kid’s Future

The care and learning a child receives in the first years of life prepare them for the future. With Phase Foundations preschoolers receive the best start for their growing body, head, and heart.

Every Preschool Student Deserves An Outstanding Education

Children discover a love for learning long before formal schooling begins. That’s why we are committed to help preschool leaders like you lay a strong foundation. Every kid can have a better future when we work to keep these six values in mind.

Research Driven Learning

Let’s close the divide between theory and praxis! Phase Foundations curriculum takes the highest level learning theory and delivers it to the classroom through simple activities and perpetual teacher training.

Inspired Environments

Your classroom environments are built-in teachers! Phase Foundations curriculum operates on a monthly theme, with simple ideas for creating spaces that will facilitate learning.

Whole Child Approach

Every preschooler is growing fast! The Phase Foundations curriculum supports positive growth in all aspects of development: physical, mental, social, emotional, cultural, and moral.

Highest Quality Standards

Every region has unique measurements for success. Phase Foundations curriculum aligns with all standards to make it easy for centers to demonstrate quality and apply for funding.

Real Time Community

Sometimes preschool teachers feel alone. Phase Foundations curriculum provides real-time community between classroom teachers so there is on-the-ground idea sharing, encouragement, and feedback.

Parent Connection

A parent is the primary influence in the life of a preschooler. The Phase Foundations curriculum provides simple and consistent resources for partnering with parents.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

– William Arthur Ward

Loved By Parents And Teachers Alike

Brenda Richardson
Director – The Academy at Connection Pointe

I am excited about the Phase Foundations Curriculum! It will be amazing to have a curriculum that meets the developmental needs (social, emotional, academic, physical) of all ages of children in our daycare.
This is HUGE!

Put a Team of World-Class Educators In Every Classroom

The most significant resource any childcare center can offer a family is an excellent teacher. Phase Foundations supports, trains, and resources classroom teachers so they can reach their full potential, and so they will remain committed to the classroom for years to come.


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