How much does the Phase Foundations Curriculum cost?

Phase Foundations Curriculum offers one low monthly price ($99 / month), regardless of number of children enrolled or age groups.

How will I access the Phase Foundations Curriculum?

The Phase Foundations Curriculum is available on-demand, and can be downloaded to any device. Click here to request a sample curriculum.

Is the Phase Foundations Curriculum compliant with most federal and state funded programs?

While the Phase Foundations Curriculum has not received the certifications to make it official, our curriculum is fully compliant with most federal and state funded programs.

What age range does Phase Foundations Preschool Curriculum cover?

The first five years of a child’s life are full of potential. We know there are unique opportunities in every phase, so we have created specific daily, weekly, and monthly experiences for Infants/Toddlers, Two Year Olds, and Preschoolers (Three and Four Year Olds), as well as a special Just for Five’s supplemental piece to help them thrive in kindergarten.

What makes Phase Foundations Preschool Curriculum different?

Phase Foundations Curriculum is the first ever fully downloadable and customizable curriculum tailored to fit your center’s programs. We offer our entire comprehensive strategy online, so you don’t have to dig through binders of lesson plans or books to find and copy what you need. Instead, with an Internet connection and a couple of quick clicks, you can print just what you need for the day, week, or month. We even act like your personal assistant by giving you supply lists to make shopping and gathering materials ahead of time the easiest it’s ever been.

How is your curriculum organized?

We’ve put together a two-year scope and cycle of the best themes to engage all the senses of young children. The majority of our themes are drawn straight from the local community – the people young children see and the places they go. The closer learning is to a young child’s direct experience, the more likely the learning will be meaningful. We also reach out to explore the rest of the natural world through biomes like the rainforest, desert, tundra, and ocean.

What is a “Scope and Cycle”?

A scope is an all-inclusive plan that prioritizes what you are teaching. And a cycle is the plan to strategically repeat and reinforce what you teach so that it is most effective. So your scope prioritizes what you will teach, and your cycle reinforces those principles again and again in new, fun, and creative ways.

How does the Phase Foundations curriculum create a sense of community?

We intentionally align our curriculum so that an entire school is immersed in the same theme at the same time-from infants through five years old. Each age group has experiences designed just for their unique life stage and needs, while staying focused on the same big picture theme as everyone else in the program.

Why do you say that Phase Foundations Preschool Curriculum is more than a curriculum?

We want to connect you to others doing what you do outside of your own program. Our strategic monthly themes make this possible because every other preschool using Phase Foundations is busy creating the same inspiring environments and prepping for the same hands-on learning experiences as you are. With the social media channels we provide, you can easily connect with other directors serving in similar communities or like-minded teachers working with the same age children. You can encourage each other, problem-solve common issues and celebrate big and small wins together. We have a greater impact when we’re connected to others with the same mission.

What if I need help using Phase Foundations?

When you sign up as a partner with Phase Foundations curriculum, you automatically get a Partner Support Specialist. This is your “go to” person for all questions, concerns, and suggestions. They not only know the ins and outs of our curriculum, but they have personal and professional experience in the preschool world. Their job is to help you succeed in any way they can and to give our development team feedback on how we can improve.

We also enable your teachers to leverage the very best of social networks (including our Facebook group) to extend their community and professional support.

Can infants really be learning the same thing as a 4 year old?

Our monthly themes are hooks-a way to grab hold of a young child’s interest. They are broad enough that we can create developmentally appropriate activities and experiences for each age. For example, for forest, we create a stuffed “acorn” with different textures to use for massage, playing, dropping, picking up and exploring. And our preschoolers use real acorns for counting, creating, hiding, finding, and picking up to develop fine motor muscles. Same big theme (forest), similar focus (acorns), but different targeted skills.

Parents with multiple children in one program find it easier to engage when there is an intentional overlap in learning. It’s one less thing for parents to keep track of when multiple children are exploring the same ideas. They are also more likely to try things at home to extend and build on the learning at school if more than one child can participate and enjoy it.

Can I use Phase Foundations curriculum if I have a small preschool program?

Yes! We know there are many different size programs serving young children. Our pricing is actually based on student enrollment to make it possible for smaller programs to use our comprehensive strategy. Currently we have subscriptions and pricing for these ranges: programs with less than 16 children, programs with 16-50 children, programs with 51-100 children, and programs with more than 100 children.

Can I use Phase Foundations curriculum if I provide child care in my home?

Not only do you have a reduced price to make it more possible for you to use Phase Foundations curriculum, but we’ve gone a step beyond that. If you have less than 16 children, we’ve gone through and picked the best activities from each age group and put them in one place. We’ve also picked out the books, songs, and centers that work best for a wide age range. We try to minimize the amount of prep and number of supplies required because we know how busy it is when you interact with such a wide range of ages in one day.

What is the Social/Emotional component of Phase Foundations curriculum?

We need children not only to be healthy and smart, but for them to be kind, happy, and brave. So we focus on family, feelings, and friends through book readings, role playing, and small group activities. We emphasize a different character quality like Initiative and Determination each month. Research shows these soft skills are necessary for a successful life, so we begin when this kind of reasoning is first developing at 18 months old and we intentionally add more opportunities at each phase to create a strong ability to connect with others and to be a positive part of a community.

Who helps to create Phase Foundations curriculum?

We have researchers, directors, teachers, principals, creatives, and specialists on our team.

What research or methodology is Phase Foundations based on?

We believe in a balanced approach drawing from the most research-proven and timeless methodology. When you explore our Phase Foundations curriculum, you’ll find the clear influences of development greats like Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Lawrence Kohlberg, and others. We are also inspired by and draw from some of the amazing work done at Reggio Emilia and Montessori schools, in addition to the Project Zero approach at Harvard University.

How many months or themes can I access at a time?

Our Phase Foundations curriculum is available for download at least two months prior to the month it will be used. We publish three months of curriculum at a time. This allows our partners to download a quarter at once (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). With the supply lists we provide, it’s easier than ever to plan ahead so that teachers are freed up to focus more on children and less on prep.

Does Phase Foundations partner with any other organizations?

In order to provide the highest quality resources for social and emotional development, Phase Foundations partners with Q Wunder. Q Wunder is a simple, fun way to teach kids important life skills through their award-winning app, kids show, pop music, books, toys and games. Many early childhood centers request faith components that complement the Phase Foundations strategy. For this reason, Phase Foundations is developing a partnership with Orange. Orange is a non-profit, Christian organization that publishes curriculum and resources for evangelical churches.


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